Welcome to Heritage Prams

Heritage Prams has now been relocated to a superb new modern manufacturing unit in Keighley, West Yorkshire. £250,000 of investment in the new business has been made to support the long term future of UK pram production. The production staff have all re located to the new factory bringing with them over 150 years of Silver Cross pram production expertise. The classic dolls carriage is now rolling off the production line and will be available in the shops summer 2012, with the Balmoral classic pram following in the autumn of 2012.

Heritage Prams is a business dedicated to the specialised manufacture of the Silver Cross classic coach built perambulators. The manufacturing processes surrounding this much loved product remain unchanged and we are proud of the continued production in the Yorkshire countryside of its origin.

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Orders for Accessories and Spares may be placed by contacting one of our approved distributors below:

www.babybirds.co.uk - 0800 298 3133
www.stores.ebay.co.uk/silver-cross-pram-spares - +44 (0) 7790 059469